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Woodbridge DWI, NJ Lawyer
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"I was referred to the Law Firm of Musto & Alevras after being stopped for a DUI. I worked closely with Scott Alevras, but was advised that Robert Musto was made fully aware of the case, should anything happen. Scott informed me of my rights and options, and being involved in one of the scariest situations of my life, he was able to guide me through it in terms I could understand. I was made aware of the cost upon signing with them, so there were no hidden fees. It's an overwhelming situation, difficult to wrap one's head around, but they explained the period of discovery, and how they would obtain different pieces of evidence to help my case. I had no clue it was so intricate, but they obtained multiple pieces of evidence that I was not aware existed. Scott definitely went above and beyond for me. I always felt at ease, as he explained to me everything that was going on. We even reviewed the evidence together. Scott really helped me understand the law, and I would trust the office to assist me in any future needs. With their help, I was able to plea to a lower charge that I could not be more grateful for. They are very knowledgeable of what they do and I highly recommend their services to anyone."




"After I was stopped at a DUI check a friend recommended Musto & Alevras - and I worked with Scott Alevras.  It was definitely the right decision.  I knew nothing about the situation I found myself in - Scott informed me of the law and my options.  He never sugar coated the situation to prepare me for the worst while he reviewed the case and my options.  He was straightforward regarding the legal fees and other costs, so I knew what the costs of the case would be.  He definitely put his and his firm's resources into my case and pursued the best strategy for my case.  When my case came to Court based on his review and work I was offered the opportunity to plea to a lower charge, which turned out to be the best outcome for me.  I recommend Musto & Alevras without hesitation.  They definitely worked for my best interests and I am very satisfied with the outcome."



"We had the pleasure of working with Scott Alevras to purchase our first home. He was very professional and always available when we needed him. Scott went out of his way to make us feel comfortable about dealing with our mortgage broker, home seller and even the inspector. We highly recommend Musto & Alevras for all your legal needs."






"Hallelujah! Nick and I came out Victorious This morning in court after a very long drawn out legal case with our former landlord of 20 years. This is all thanks to our wonderful  attorney Scott Alevras with Musto & Alevras Attorneys at law Woodbridge NJ. Scott is not only the most awesome attorney but also one of the most awesome human beings that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you Scott!"





"I worked with Scott Alevras to deal with a leasing issue for a vehicle. Scott was always available to answer questions in a timely fashion, days, nights, weekends. He walked me through the process and constantly kept the best interest of my family in mind. If you want an attorney that is caring, kind, and hard-working, then Scott Alevras is the one for you!"